Acker Night Musical Showcase for Christmas 2017

Dec 15, 2017Prescott Events

Veteran's Memorial at Yavapai County Courthouse with Christmas Lights.

Veteran’s Memorial at Yavapai County Courthouse.

Couple enjoying Courthouse Christmas lights.

Couple enjoying Courthouse Christmas lights.

Acker Night is my favorite event of the Christmas Season in Prescott, AZ -Arizona’s Christmas City. I have been attending since the very first Acker Night and I love it and the weather was perfect this year! 

The event’s geographical boundaries have expanded more every year it seems so it didn’t feel crowded as it may have in some past years due to its popularity.

UPDATE: the video below went viral on Facebook, let’s make it happen on this site, too!

James S. Acker

From the official Acker Night website:


[Acker Night is] Produced solely  by volunteers,
Acker Night was created to fulfill
the wishes of benefactor and
Prescott resident  James S. Acker.​

“All the residue of my estate…I give to the City of Prescott to be used for parks and for promotion of music, particularly for children”

J.S. Acker 1865-1955



A special thanks to all the musicians and volunteers of Acker Night 2017.  Thank you!

Video produced by


Enjoy the video below!

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