What Are the Pink and White Trees Blooming All Over Town?

Mar 13, 2016 | Things of Interest

The awesome and enthusiastic Ken Lain, of Watters Garden Center, explains what all those pretty pink and white trees are that are blooming all over the Tri-City area right now (3 weeks earlier than usual this year, too.)  He also gives some tips on some even prettier trees to plant to prolong the blooming season in Spring in the Prescott area.
Thank you, Ken and Watters!

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Hey, Ken here at Watters Garden Center and there’s a bunch of trees blooming here throughout the Central Yavapai County area.

There’s the very first one: a pink, flowering tree.  It’s this tree right here.  The last storm blew all the flowers off and now we have these purple leaves coming on – it’s called a Purple Leaf Plum and this is the one that announces Spring.

Purple Leaf Plum tree at the Depot Marketplace in Prescott, AZ
Flowering Pear Tree at the Gateway Mall in Prescott, AZ

Right now, this one is starting to bloom.  It’s this white flower, you’ve seen these huge trees about 30 feet x 30 feet, it’s a big shade tree covered in bridal white flowers just like this.  This one will bloom for another 2-3 weeks and then it, too, will lose its flowers and then this great, big, glossy green leaf will form on it.  This is called a Flowering Pear or Bradford Pear – it goes by a lot of different names, but basically an ornamental Pear.  It doesn’t form fruit and the Plum doesn’t form fruit, either – these are just to be pretty and that’s it.  Less messy.

A new one, though – after the Pear gets done blooming, this is a Centurion Crabapple.  Crabapples, I think, have a brighter flower to it.  They’ll be about 2-3 weeks after this (Flowering Pear,) this will start to bloom – you see them going right now.  Again, an ornamental tree; it doesn’t form crabapples like your Grandmother grew.  It’s just a pretty flower and then its got a great shade tree and then its got pretty Fall colors.

Centurion Crabapple Tree in Prescott, AZ

Red Bud tree

And then the last one: this one blooms – it’s called a Red Bud.  This is the hardiest, toughest of all of these guys.  This one hasn’t opened yet, you can see it’s heavily budded.  This one blooms about 2-3 weeks after the Crabapple and you can see the buds are real tight.  It’s got these fuchsia, magenta type of flowers.  This will bloom for about a month and then beautiful, heart-shaped leaves will form after it’s done blooming.  This is super drought-hardy.  This is hardier than all three of these others combined.  This is considered drought-hardyand low-water.  If you kill this tree, it will be from overwatering.  A Red Bud – great for the Prescott area.



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