What Is Prescott Thankful For?

Nov 23, 2017Prescott Events

Happy Thanksgiving Ribbon

We were very blessed to spend some time downtown with residents and visitors to Prescott on the day before Thanksgiving. What is Prescott thankful for? What is Prescott’s favorite part of Thanksgiving?

A special thanks to The Ferrero Family, Jeff and Joely, Kathy, Anthony, Theo, Hayden, Sherrie, Maisey, Cheyenne, and Joshua. We’re thankful for YOU!

Enjoy the video!

More Thanksgiving fun after the video. Red Arrow Down

Thanksgiving Turkey Pilgrim Hat

We Have To Know...

What is your FAVORITE Thanksgiving dish?!

A. The turkey, duh!
B. Mashed potatoes and gravy
C. Green bean casserole
D. Sweet potato casserole
C. Stuffing
D. Cranberry sauce
E. Pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Horn

Fill in the Blank...

I’m Thankful For ___________________


Fill in the Blank...

My FAVORITE Thanksgiving tradition is ____________.

Answer in the comments below!

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